Mixing Reaction Kettle

Product Descriptions :

The reaction kettle is the equipment which realizes chemical reaction in industrial production of chemical, petroleum and pharmacy. There are two types: open-type and closed-type.

Farfly can design and make mixing reaction kettle according to actual needs of clients, including means of installation, material, rotation speed, means of speed control, explosion prevention etc. Additionally, various dispersing discs can be changed to meet different requirements of dispersing and mixing.

1. Stable operation
2. Reliable sealing machine and easy maintenance
3. Compact structure and high transmission accuracy
4.Stirrer options: butterfly, paddle, frame, anchor, ribbon, etc.
Detailed Introduction
1.This kind of reactor using single or jacket structure for sealing head, according to different requirements.
2.Mechanical agitation form, using mechanical sealing. Optional form for mixing: ribbon mixing, pusher mixing, paddle mixing, frame mixing etc.
3.Transmission mechanism: Cycloidal reducer, stepless regulation, reducer etc.
4.The vessel body can be heated by steam, electricity and oil, in order to fulfill the resistance of acid and alkali, high temperature, wear & tear and corrosion.
5.The inner surface mirror polishing: Ra≤0.28μm. Inferior smooth outer surface or mirror polishing processing
6.Material: 304 or 316L

Heating means:

electrical heating, steam heating

Cooling (heating)

interlining, internal coil, external coil


mechanical seal, magnetic seal, packing seal

Supporting stand:

single-fulcrum, double-fulcrum


paddle, frame, turbine, push-type, screw helix ribbon type, etc.