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Agrochemical, currently common named in English pesticide —- that is ‘killing medicament’.
Generalized agrochemical is defined material or several materials compound or preparations produced by chemical reaction, from biont or natural material, or biological production, in order to prevent, kill or control disease, pest, grass, or other harmful bionts, and to modify ,control, affect plant and harmful biont’s biological metabolism, growing, development and reproduction. Narrowed agrochemical is the chemicals applied in agricultural production in order to kill pests, funguses, harmful animals or ruderals and ensure and accelerate plant and crops growing. Specifically refers to the medicament of preventing pesticide, adjusting plant growing and killing ruderals in agriculture.
Agrochemical is divided into organic, inorganic, vegetative and mircoorganic types, and entomic hormone. It can be divided into powder, wettable powder, soluble powder, emulsion, mossible oil, emulsifiable concentration, emulsifiable paste, paste, colloid, fumigant, fumigant agent, smoke agent, oiling agent, granula, fine granule according to chemical form. Most of them are liquid or solid, few are gas type.
It can also be dvivided into pesticide, fungicide, acaricide, nameticide, rodenticide, herbicide, defoliant, plant growth regulator.
The chemicals are made into different types according to pest or disease and physical properties of the chemical, eg. powder mop spreading, water solution, suspension concentration and emulsion injecting, also into steam or gas.

Based on more than 13 years experience on agrochemical manufacturing equipment, integrated with domestic and abroad technologies, Shanghai FARFLY designed special type high shearing dispersing and emulsifying machine, and high efficient sand mill for agrochemical agent manufacturing, wins great advantage vs traditional equipments.
Shanghai FARFLY serves for many well known agrochemical enterprises, our equipments are widely sold to 80 countries and states all over the world, and enjoys a good market share. With several kinds modern manufacturing equipments for machining, planned strict management and inspection,long term cooperation good suppliers, skillful experienced design team, we supply before sales, middle sales and after sales services beyond customer imagination. We can also supply full agrochemical plant designation, reconstruction and EPC of production line according to customer’s requirements.

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