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Paper-chemical is a variety of chemicals and additives used in the process of papermaking. Including the content more widely, both the pulping chemicals (such as cooking additive, deinking agent), papermaking chemicals (such as sizing agent, wet strength agent etc.), paper processing chemicals (such as bactericidal agent, defoaming agent, coating agent) and other four major categories of chemicals and pollution control. It aims to improving the paper’s quality and production efficient, changing the operate condition, reducing the manufacture cost, increasing the economic benefit and developing new paper type.

Shanghai Farfly can provide the best services for the paper-making company. The products sale to more than 80 countries, is No 1 in the same field. We have all kinds of advanced process equipments with high competitive price, strict management and inspection, after-sales services. We can design, rebuild from the single machine to the whole product line according to customer request.

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