Dye stuff and pigments

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Dye stuff is one kind organic or inorganic material for coloring fibre and other materials.
Dye stuff is divided as following by characteristics and application:
By status:water borne pulp,solvent borne pulp, water borne color concentration, solvent borne color concentration.
By application:ceramic pigment,coating pigment,textile pigment,plastic pigment.

Pigment is one kind powder material for material dying, it can be divided into soluble and insoluble, organic and inorganic types. It is can not be dissolved into water, oil, resin or organic agent, but it can be evenly dispersed into these media and dye them with reasonable covering power.

Pigment can be divided according to chemical compositions as:
Inorganic pigment can be divided into oxided, chromate, sulfate,silicate,borate, molybdate, phosphate,vanadate,ferricyanate, hydroxide, sulphide, metalic;
Organic pigment can be divided into azo pigment, phthalocyanine pigment, anthraquinone, indigoid dye, quinacridone, dioxazine by chemical structure.

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