GZ95 Hi-Pure zirconia ceramic microbeads

Product Descriptions :

GZ 95 high purity zirconium bead adopts tetra crystal super pure zirconium powder and advanced rolling and titration forming technology. With specific sintering technology to provide you with high strength and high abrasion resistance of the classic high purity zirconia beads

Product specification

Φ 0.3 mm – 5.0 mm Φ, can also according to user’s special size requirements

High strength

Zirconium beads are made from ultra-fine nano-pure zirconium powder with tetragonal phase, as well as advanced rolling and titration mould technology, in conjunction with specific sintering technology. This guarantees the high strength of the product.

Low wear

The raw materials of zirconium beads are high-quality zircon sand imported from Australia. The purity of zirconia is high, so as to ensure the low wear of products. We strictly control the fineness of zirconium powder, and the density of zirconium bead is much higher than that of ordinary coarse powder. The optimized raw materials and more than 20 years’ production process of zirconium bead ensure the super wear resistance of each zirconium ceramic bead.

High quality consistency

The strict quality control system of zirconium bead ensures the quality of each pearl, hitting and throwing, screening ball technology eliminated a few of the special-shaped ball, completely ensure the quality consistency of the shipped products.

Product features

Made from high-purity Y-TZP material, the micro-beads have good wear resistance and strength.

No broken beads in the working process

Good self-lubrication and less wear on equipment

High sphericity, up to 0.98

Product specification

Φ 0.3 mm – 5.0 mm Φ, can also according to user’s special size requirements

Physical propertiesUnitIndicators
Zirconia content%94.5
Filling densityg/cm33.75
Average crushing strength (0.3 ㎜ Φ)N9.5
External abrasionppm/h30.2
Internal abrasionppm/h36.6
Particle size rangemmΦ0.3-Φ5.0