BPF-H Conversion Dispersing Machine

Product Descriptions :

BPF-H conversion dispersing machine is the latest model which is designed according to actual need in production, mainly used in preproduction experiment of liquid sizing agent such as paint, coating, dye, plastic, foodstuff, etc. It can provide right data for mass production, also used in small-lot production. It can disperse 5 to 80 litres.


  • Frequency speed control, digital display
  • Container is fastened with belt to ensure safety.
  • Hand-operated lifting, handle conveniently
  • TypeBPF-H
    Motor power1.1KW/2.2KW
    Speed0~1500 rpm /0~3000rpm
    Disc diaΦ100、Φ120、Φ150
    Lifting height500mm~600mm
    Handling ability5~80L