Automatic Coating Product Line

Product Descriptions :

●Suitable for middle-scale or large-scale production.Designing yearly output is 10000-100000Ton.

●Provding different equipment configuration according to different production requirements.Each system is optional.

● Main system

1. Powder strength transport system

Include manual ton bag strength transport system, measure strength transport system.

2. Pre-dispersing system

It’s a jacketed stainless steel dispersing mixer kettle, with low speed mixer and hydraulic high speed disperser on it. Normally the mixer speed is 20rpm, disperser speed is 0~1450rpm.

3.Thinning reactor: It’s a jacketed stainless steel high shear reactor, with low speed mixer and high shearing machine on it. Normally the mixer speed is 35rpm, shearing speed is 0~2900rpm.

4.Mixing kettle: It’s a single layer stainless steel kettle, with low speed mixer on it. Normally mixing speed is 85rpm.

5.Filter: bag filter, stainless steel material.

6.Automatic filling line: Including automatic-pushing system, measure filling unit, automatic nipping system, stacking system.

● Material measure system(material tank,feeding engine,weighing unit,dust removing system, detecting system).

2.Vacuum system(vacuum pump,vacuum buffer)

3.Compressed air system(air compressor,pressure release valve)

4,Water treatment system(automatic water treatment)

5.Automationand management system

(PLC,human-computer interface,computer,sensor,meter)

6.Pipeline system(pipe,pump,valve,flange,joint etc)